Playdates with Kallan

6 - Playdate with Nikki Sunshine

av Playdates with Kallan | Publicerades 4/29/2020

I am SO stoked to have you join in on this incredible playdate with the fabulous Nikki Sunshine. 

Nikki embarked on an adventure to Bali just after a split from a long-term partner and right before COVID-19 broke out across the world. In today's episode, she shares a little about what her journey is like, lets us in on a steamy beach-side romance, and talks about the passion project that fell into her lap and woke up her craving for deeper service, Feed the People Bali. Tune in for juicy details and for this high-energy, exciting episode of Playdates with Kallan. 

To reach Nikki:
IG: @relationshipbadass



To find out more about Feed the People Bali: 

IG: @feedthepeoplebali



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