Dr. Z with Elizabeth Saunders

av PLAYING-IT-SAFE | Publicerades 9/30/2020

In this episode, I chat with Elizabeth Saunders, a Time Coach that specializes in helping her clients to "get things done" in a way that is sustainable, livable and enjoyable. Elizabeth shares with us how she was playing-it-safe by working as much as she could, how she made the shift from being a human-doing to a human-being, how she approaches projects by considering seasonal distress, how she handles her fears of not doing things right, and how she overcomes anxious moments by taking action and getting experiential knowledge.

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I'm Dr. Z., a clinical psychologist and an author. In PLAYING-IT-SAFE I will share with you research based-skills, interviews, readings, insights, tips, and all types of curated info to get unstuck from worries, anxieties, fears, obsessions, and ineffective playing-it-safe actions.  See for privacy and opt-out information.