Replay Episode: Matthew McConaughey on How Responsibility Breeds True Freedom

Hey Pluckies! I'm back with one of my favorite episodes from the past. Let's revisit the time I sat down with the superstar, Matthew McConaughey! Yes, I still can't believe it! In this amazing conversation, the Academy Award-winner talks about parenting, from how he was raised to how he’s raising his own children and his learning journey as an actor, how we went from complacency and shame to getting roles of a lifetime. There’s a lot of uniquely introspective wisdom about failure, guilt, and embarrassment that we talk about, as well as visceral experiences Matthew shared in our conversation! Let's relisten together!.

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Do you ever look at successful people and get stuck in their highlight reel? We then look at our own mess ups and feel alone, broken and not cut out for the job. Hosted by founder and social entrepreneur Liz Bohannon, Plucking Up is a podcast that talks about failures beyond the platitudes and how celebrated authors, entrepreneurs, artists and leaders in their own field moved past mistakes and wrong turns, in order to build lives of purpose, passion and impact. Each week, Liz shares uninhibited conversations with guests including Elizabeth Gilbert, Arianna Huffington, and many more. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.