Music Data Insights with Christine Osazuwa

Christine Osazuwa has managed to combine her various passions into roles consulting and working with music startups, venues, festivals, radio stations and labels, bridging the gap between music, data & business. She spent 2 years in Stockholm most recently as the Head of Data & Insights for Universal Music Sweden before calling London home working as the Global Marketing Director for Data & Insights at Warner Music Group. In October 2021, Christine joined the live music & travel tech startup, Pollen, where she helps to curate one-of-a-kind music experiences. Christine sits down with Brian and Nick to share her various insights into what works and what doesn’t in today’s music industry. Show Notes: [2:12] How music data points have changed from the pre-digital era to now. [6:53] Why you shouldn’t buy likes, plays or followers. [8:40] Christine discusses her background in marketing and web development. [11:08] What is and is not working for the industry in terms of data collection. [16:22] An intro to Pollen and what they do, plus a discussion of trends in live music experiences and streaming. [29:30] Christine’s advice for up and coming artists. [39:40] Smaller strategies to develop a Minimum Viable Product. [41:40] Christine tells us about the Measure Of Music conference. Follow Christine on LinkedIn, and check out Measure of Music and Always Wanting More.

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