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Spice Girls 13: Emma Bunton Baby Spice babies, boybands and bake offs

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Baby Spice Emma Bunton may not have released much music but she was busy having babies, designing childrens clothing, nappy and products as well as hosting popular reality programmes in the UK and US. All whilst maintaining a steady radio presenting career on Heart FM.   It’s an exciting start to this era for Baby – because she has a baby. Her first, Beau, born in 2007.   2009 – Emma starts her stint on Heart FM. She covers a couple of shifts and is rewarded with her on Saturday drive time slot. She pre-records because Baby has better places to be than a stuffy studio on a Saturday evening.   2010 – She joins the judging panel of Dancing On Ice. She did 2 series. It was a little controversial at the time. People wondered, with no ice skating background, what she could possibly provide as a judge. But she was praised for locking horns with chief judge Jason Gardiner and not being afraid to make unpopular comments. She said it helped her shed her Baby Spice tag…. Because she became Sassy Spice. Here are some of her best put downs: She sure has. On the third show she told GMTV's Dr Hilary Jones: "I literally couldn't breathe through the whole dance and when you lifted her I felt physically sick, I was so nervous for you both. "I just didn't enjoy it and I'm glad you were smiling because I wasn't." The next week she said of Emily Atack's performance: "I just thought it looked messy, unsteady. I felt like you were being dragged around. You are improving but very little." Then, in show seven, she told Sharron Davies: "It's a little bit like déjà vu for me, with a different outfit each week." 2011 – Baby Tate. To celebrate she launched her own baby range with reputable fashion retailer, Argos. Much bigger than the capsule Geri knocked out with Next….. this was a 99 piece collection. Her eldest Beau was modelling the collection – following in his Mamas footsteps, because one of her first jobs was a child model in the argos catalogue. I bet she was a proper cherubic little model. All blonde ringlets and chubby cheeks. 2011 – She really commits to Heart FM. Covers maternity leave for Harriet Scott on Breakfast, hosting alongside her old sparring partner – Jamie Theakston. Breakfast is a big shift. It’s a high profile position, a lot of responsibility and hardwork. Its all early mornings and beaming smiles. But Baby does a good job; she ends up taking over the spot permanently and doing it for 5 years. Until 2018. 2012 – She did the previously mentioned Mel C duet, I know him so well….. Which I think is just lovely of them to work together. The video is beautiful, if a little boring, of them just hugging. Interview quotes they described the song as “having the spirit of spice”. 2013  was a big year for Emma Bunton – not only did she win Foxy Bingo Celebrity Mother of the Year award she had a new tv show. “Your face sounds familiar” – it’s a bit Stars in their eyes. 6 celebrities portray famous singers, chosen at random, to win £10,000 for their chosen charity. They’re trained by Yvie Burnett – who is the second best vocal coach in the world. After Carrie from Fame Academy. Its all very Saturday night cringe – filing the spots between X Factor and Ant&Dec. 2014 - Jade Jones appears on “Big Reunion”. Baby named as ‘Lead Singer’ of the group. Link for the image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S4opaSrTHI 2017 – She appeared on the judging panel of new American reality show, BoyBand, which sought to find the new big BoyBand. She appeared alongside Nick Carter, Timbaland. Hosted by Rita Ora.             Best bit was towards the end they did a judges medley, with the contestants. Emma completes a flawless rendition of Say You’ll Be There. Of course she does. If only Rita were so lucky. She tries to join Timbaland for “Way I Are” and it is car crash.             They create the band “In Real Life”….. who have released 6 singles since in the past 18 months. One charting. It’s a start.  2018 – She becomes the host of American version of Great British Bake Off. Guardian had a great tagline: Contesants will have to dust it, make it, proof it, bake it – show her how good they are   We find her back recording, Studio Spice. More than a decade after her previous effort. Signed a deal with BMG records – who tend to focus on publishing rights and legacy artists. She is a songwriter with a legacy…. What a home.   Does mean her time is short. She has to say goodbye to Heart Breakfast. 5 year stint, successfully so. Award winning stint. Including “Radio presenter of the year” and “digital radio programme” at the TRIC awards. But they do give her a Sunday night slot (bet that is a pre-record). She knows how to keep a foot in the door (must be easy to work with if they keep you on that long).   Which makes room for her to finally get married! After 8 years of being engaged.

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