Podcast 123: Great Teaching, Workload and Research

Our 123rd interview is with, Jennifer Webb, a teacher for 13 years and current assistant principal for teaching and learning at Trinity Academy Cathedral school in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. In this podcast, listen to Jennifer and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss: The pillars of Academy Cathedral’s culture. The importance of leadership and adhering to a consistent vision. Embracing who you are and school being a safe place for that. Jennifer’s journey in school leadership. How research-informed schools manifest research in their daily practice. Staff collaboration and complementary skill sets. Making workload a factor in all school decisions. Being true to yourself in leadership situations. Jennifer’s writing and the motivations behind her books and, Writing about metacognition. "It's about students understanding before they start a piece of work that they have to activate prior knowledge; what was successful or not before and then self-regulating their learning" says Jennifer. Thanks for listening.

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