Pop Philosophy Episode 4 – Jurassic Park –Special Guest Doug Schindler

What do dinosaurs taste like? Jock and Rowan are joined by special guest Doug Schindler, and he asks the tough questions that shareholders should consider when capitalizing on Jurassic Park. Please enjoy this episode as the three hosts dive into Steven Spielberg’s ground-breaking blockbuster “Jurassic Park!” You can Follow special guest comedian Doug Schindler for updates on up and coming comedy gigs at on his Facebook, @Dougschindlercomedy and on his Twitter, @Dougschindlercomedy. For those attending the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and want to see more of the talented Doug Schindler, you can see him perform at Heads-A-Plenty the Tasmanian Showcase at the Imperial on the 
30th and 31st of March, and the 1st,2nd and 7th of April. To ensure you get to see Doug perform in Melbourne at the International Comedy Festival you can try booking at https://www.trybooking.com/book/sessions?eid=337060. You can follow Pop Philosophy on Facebook, @popphilosphy and on Twitter, @philosophypop. And if you would be so kind, we would appreciate a donation to help the show to keep running. you can donate here at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/popphilosophy

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