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Field Guide: Trees

av Pop-Up Magazine Presents | Publicerades 7/21/2021

Trees can feel magical. And they can teach us a lot about ourselves and our world. In this episode, we invite you to go outside and into the trees. You could find a tree to sit under while you listen. Or take a walk and look at the trees around you — wherever you are. Radio host Molly Webster (Radiolab), author David Haskell (The Songs of Trees: Stories from Nature's Great Connectors), Stanford’s unofficial school mascot, luthier Freeman Vines, Yurok tribal member Rick O’Rourke, author Katherine May (Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times), and more help us meditate on trees big and small.  This episode is part of Pop-Up Magazine’s Field Guide, an audio and art experience made for the world around us. Sponsored by Asana. Find more at popupmagazine.com/fieldguide

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Pop-Up Magazine produces unforgettable stories and experiences, including our touring live magazine, which sells out grand, historic venues across North America. This summer, we’ve created something new: Field Guide, an audio and art experience for the world around us. More at popupmagazine.com/fieldguide Field Guide is sponsored by Asana.