Indhira Rojas - Feeling State

I learn from Indi how to connect. To recognize - when talking to a stranger - that I’m having a thought AND a feeling. Sometimes the two are connected and I won’t notice it. But sometimes they might react differently or even seem disconnected from each other whether because of safety, or some micro expression, or good or bad energy. Indi tells me she sees Possibility Hours as giving us this space to be aware, to notice. Providing a third possibility to just notice what is the state of connection between a thought and a feeling. This simple awareness, the connection or disconnection itself, noticing simply that allows us an opening to get outside our fixed views. Indhira Rojas is a creative director, design entrepreneur, and mental health advocate. For over a decade, she has worked at the intersection of branding, editorial, and interaction design. In 2016, she founded Anxy magazine, an award-winning publication exploring vulnerable personal narratives from an artful and creative lens. She holds a bachelor's from Parsons School of Design and a master's degree from California College of the Arts. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:

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We’re inherently social animals, right? But so often, we pass silently on the street, in our cars, on the sidewalk - within our echo chambers. We've lost the art of conversation. That increasing isolation is undermining our collective prosperity. Let's practice having great conversations again! This podcast is part of an ongoing project, Possibility Hours, that provides a unique experience for political, economic, and social leaders, who are neighbors but strangers, to envision equitable, sustainable, and resilient possibilities for seemingly intractable urban problems. Support this podcast: