Shelli Bohrer - A Party Everyday

In this episode, I meet with Shelli from Triple Aught Design, an apparel company in Dogpatch. We’re both members of the Dogpatch Business Association. That’s how we met. We had our chat on a park bench as buses and other amusements pass by. She shares her insights on how to talk to strangers - about dogs, t-shirts or the weather - and how working in retail is the best practice for talking to strangers. Because it’s like throwing a party every day. Shelli's bio: Sales and Operations Coordinator with 15+ years of experience in high-end sports and outdoor apparel, including store/merchandise management, budgets and marketing strategies. Expertise in product development, store construction and openings, inventory and operations. Extensive background in staffing, training, fundraising, relationship building, and event coordination. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:

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We’re inherently social animals, right? But so often, we pass silently on the street, in our cars, on the sidewalk - within our echo chambers. We've lost the art of conversation. That increasing isolation is undermining our collective prosperity. Let's practice having great conversations again! This podcast is part of an ongoing project, Possibility Hours, that provides a unique experience for political, economic, and social leaders, who are neighbors but strangers, to envision equitable, sustainable, and resilient possibilities for seemingly intractable urban problems. Support this podcast: