Kimberley Wyatt and Max Rogers

This week, Lan talks to singer, dancer, choreographer, actress and television personality, Kimberley Wyatt, and her husband, model and broadcaster, Max Rogers, about the ways in which they find inspiration in each other, the unique qualities that can be found in everyone, and how they are encouraging their family to be creative and positive. KEY TAKEAWAYS When we look around in the world, the ones who try to inject positivity and creativity will not find fault in something bad, but focus instead upon what is good. A face is a unique thing that requires a unique approach. Every contour, every aspect of a face has an element that needs to be accentuated or worked with. The great make-up artists know that mistakes are lessons. Sometimes things don't work, but if we can take the learning from it and adjust rapidly, we become trusted and respected. Ideas grow through collaboration and respect. If we find the partners that can help us grow as artists, then our ambitions and goals take flight. VALUABLE RESOURCES Max Rogers Instagram - Kimberley Wyatt Instagram - ABOUT THE HOST Born in Ireland from a Vietnamese origin Lan has become an established name in the fashion and beauty industry. Lan comes from an art background having studied fashion at Central Saint Martins. Self taught in make-up she pursued her career to heading and designing key shows and is a regular name at London Fashion Week. Lan has contributed to various editorials including Vogue Russia, Vanity Fair, Elle (UK), Glamour, Grazia, Stylist and Stella. Lan is a published author, a regular speaker and teacher. Known for her creative flair and natural use of colours and textures combined with flawless skin, Lan is always collaborating on creative projects. CONTACT METHOD Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - See for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

Inspired during lockdown to embrace community and education in the creative industry the world-renowned make-up artist and author of two bestselling Lan Nguyen-Grealis decided to launch the Power Of Make Up podcast.  In this series, Lan takes you through her little black book of leading UK fashion and beauty industry contacts to inspire and unite others.  From former pop star Kimberly Wyatt and husband Max Rogers, celebrity stylist Karl Willett, hairdresser’s Errol Douglas and Cos Sakkas to make-up artists Ruby Hammer, Daniel Sandler and Phylliss Cohen the guests delve into their inspiration, explore how make-up has transformed their lives, discuss key collaborations, the secrets to longevity and how they have worked to tackle inclusivity and diversity head on.   Lan Nguyen-Grealis is a celebrity, beauty fashion and multi award winning makeup artist and author of Art & Makeup and ProMakeup Design Books. Appeared as a guest judge on the successful BBC Series of Glow Up and regularly collaborates on many shows at London Fashion Week as key designer leading a team of exceptional makeup assistants which she dedicates her time to mentor.  Through her love of education of nearly two decades Lan shares her tips and tricks in the media and travels worldwide as a speaker. Her mission is to empower women by tailoring looks that women want for themselves. Not just based on trends but the unique beauty that everyone has. Creating show stopping looks Lan is sought after for creative flair for natural beauty or cutting edge creative design.