45. The road to the NHL with Pavel Zacha from Boston Bruins

This episode is so inspiring for anyone who wants to reach their goals and dreams.  Pavel is Jespers Bratts best friend and they played together for 5 seasons in the NJ Devils.  (That's how I got to know him)  Pavel shares how much he trained growing up. For one thing, he was making sure that he could be on the ice and train before he got ready for school.  We talk about what Bruins team captain Patrice Bergeron asks his teammates before the season starts. (this really blew me away)  Pavel shares how Bergeron does before and after every game, still at the age of 37.  We talk about how setbacks and challenging  times can be really good.  We talk about how Jesper and Pav help each other to become better every day.  Pavel explains the differences that he feels as a player since he started to work with me.  And much more.  This is a really inspiring episode.  Please give us 5 stars if you like this episode.  Please share our podcast so that more people can hear about this new way of looking at human movement, rehab and performance. Email: podcast@aoperformance.se  

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