How does audio shape storytelling? with George The Poet

Since the dawn of civilization, sound has been an essential tool for storytellers. After the demise of silent films, sound design and audio mixing have been as crucial to movies and television as cinematography. In audio-based media like radio and podcasts, audio conveys the story all by itself. This episode explores how audio illustrates an environment, creates moods and emotions, and delivers information far beyond what can be conveyed visually. Host Randi Zuckerberg talks audio with podcaster George The Poet, Foley artist Rick Allen and movie sound designer Pascal Garneau.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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This is a podcast about sound. Host Randi Zuckerberg discovers the stories behind the sounds we hear everyday… sounds that inform, entertain, educate, get our attention, influence our behavior, and save our lives. Join host Randi Zuckerberg and her guests as they explore how audio shapes our experience and how pioneers are creating the sound of the future. Powered By Audio is supported by EPOS. For more information about how EPOS is unleashing human potential by perfecting audio experiences, visit