Episode 10: Settling into the Late Epipalaeolithic

Last time we looked at whether or not we could really think of the earlier Epipalaeolithic as being something distinctly different from the later Upper Palaeolithic. This week we look at the later Epipalaeolithic, which is definitely different from the Upper Palaeolithic and even pretty distinct from the earlier Epipalaeolithic. We look at the end of the ice age and the beginning of the Holocene, some animals which we domesticated - or which may have domesticated us - and how we settled down into the Holocene world of the Near East in the later Epipalaeolithic. If you have any questions or comments you can email me atprehistorypodcast@gmail.com or reach me on the website at prehistorypodcast.com.

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The Near East - the region known politically as the Middle East - is the home of both a long and eventful history as well as a much longer and fascinating prehistory. Here on Pre History I will cover the story of the Near East as we know it from the archaeological study of what people left behind as hunter-gatherers turned into farmers, as villages turned into cities, and as empires rose and fell.