Episode 11: Bright Ideas? Growing your own food in the Neolithic

This week we will be starting on the Neolithic, the last of our three stone ages. As a lot of big things happen in the Neolithic, we can't do everything in one episode so I am breaking it up and spreading the Neolithic across a series of episodes which will deal with the different big events. This week, we start with the first of these big changes: the change from gathering our food to growing it ourselves. If you have any questions or comments you can email me at prehistorypodcast@gmail.com or reach me on the website at prehistorypodcast.com.

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The Near East - the region known politically as the Middle East - is the home of both a long and eventful history as well as a much longer and fascinating prehistory. Here on Pre History I will cover the story of the Near East as we know it from the archaeological study of what people left behind as hunter-gatherers turned into farmers, as villages turned into cities, and as empires rose and fell.