Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham

Gabrielle Union

av Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham | Publicerades 10/9/2018

Actress, producer, entrepreneur, and fellow Nebraskan Gabrielle Union joins us this week for some important conversations, and of course, a glass of wine. Nothing is off the table as we dive into being comfortable in your own skin, raising kids in the age of social media, and how silence on issues can lead to even bigger problems. It’s real. It’s serious. But it's also uplifting and will leave you with lessons, inspiration, and so much more. A 368 & Pretty Big Deal Production Executive Producers: Kelsey McWilliams & Paul Leys Producers: Ava Coleman, Ann Lupo Director/Editor: Ann Lupo Appearance By: Darsell Obregon Camera Operators: Ann Lupo, Livia Coullias Blanc, Christian Chapman, Nadine Martinez, Griffin Yu, Aaron Pryka Assistant Editor: Aaron Pryka Sound Engineers: YongSoo Lee, Destiny Farrant Podcast Producer: John Lagomarsino Set Design: Colleen Dodge Production Assistant: Casey Steidle Music Supervisor: Nicole Sylva Music: The Spencer Lee Band Art design: Jess Severn Special Thanks To: 368 & Anchor

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Join supermodel, style icon and barrier-breaking body activist Ashley Graham as she sits down with some of her brilliant, inspiring and honest friends about what makes them a Pretty Big Deal. Absolutely nothing is off limits, so get ready.