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Bonus-PMP#34 Part 2 w/ Adal Rifai: Escape Rooms & Podcasting

av Pretty Much Pop: A Culture Podcast | Publicerades 3/10/2020

For nearly every episode, Mark, Erica, and Brian continue to talk after the public discussion for the entertainment of our supporters. In this case, following our “escape rooms and other puzzlers” encounter, our guest Adal Rifai also stuck around, and the result was too fun not to share with you. After a little more talk […]

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A philosopher, an actor/musician, and a sci-fi writer (often with entertainment industry guests) talk about media and how we consume it: TV, film, music, novels, games, comics, comedy, theater, podcasts, online video, and more. Most of what (other) people like is pretty weird when you think about it, so thinking about it is what we do.