108 - The 3 Internal Inclinations That Lead to Success w/ Joe Sanok

In this episode of The Private Practice Elevation Podcast you’re going to learn the three most common internal inclinations that all high-achievers possess.   Have you ever wondered how some of the top business leaders are able to do what they do, build what they build, and create such growth in their businesses?   Or maybe you’ve seen the growth of other private practices in your area and thought “hmm, what are they doing that’s helping them grow?”   Now, this isn’t about comparison, which can lead you down a counter-productive path.   But it’s about recognizing that there are certain traits or internal inclinations that many successful people have that help them achieve business growth.   To help us understand these three internal inclinations and apply them to your therapy practice, we’re chatting with Joe Sanok, author of Thursday is the New Friday.   In his book, Joe examines how the four-day workweek boosts creativity and productivity.   But the only way to achieve those things is to first examine what’s going on internally so that our inner game can help improve our outer game.   If you’re looking to grow your therapy practice, reach more of your ideal clients, or launch a new business or stream of income, this episode will help you understand your internal inclinations and how you can lean into them to reach your goals. In This Episode, You’ll Learn: How your internal wiring can impact your business growth and why it’s so important to start improving your internal world before you work on your business The three internal inclinations that all high-achievers possess and how they help them perform at the highest level How to extract lessons from your failures and apply them to grow your private practice in the future Why stepping away from your business challenges can actually help you solve them The benefits of thinking like an outsider and inviting outsiders into your business Tips for overcoming ruts or creative blocks in our businesses and lives How to create boundaries and block time so that you can focus on your most important work and hit your private practice goals faster How taking imperfect action can be the fastest way to grow your business Get Started on Your Website Project If you’re ready to elevate your online presence, reach more of your ideal clients, and grow your private practice, you can schedule a free 15-minute Clarity Call.    During this call, we’ll uncover the issues holding you back and start putting together a plan to help you reach your goals. Subscribe & Review in Apple Podcasts If you’re not yet subscribed to the podcast I want to encourage you to do that today. This is the best way to make sure you don’t miss an episode! Click here to subscribe on iTunes.   And if you’re feeling extra generous, I’d love to hear what you think about the podcast. Reviews help others find the podcast plus I’d really love to hear what you think! Click here to leave a review. Just click on “Ratings & Reviews” then “Write a review.” Let me know what you like best about the podcast. Thank you!   Links mentioned in this episode: Joesanok.com Thursday is the New Friday (affiliate link) Free access to the Internal Inclinations Assessment (usually $49): use code TITNF to get it free    About Joe Sanok   Joe Sanok is the author of Thursday is the New Friday: How to work fewer hours, make more money, and spend time doing what you want. It examines how the four-day workweek boosts creativity and productivity. Joe has been featured on Forbes, GOOD Magazine, and The Smart Passive Income Podcast. He is the host of the popular The Practice of the Practice Podcast, which is recognized as one of the Top 50 Podcasts worldwide with over 100,000 downloads each month. Bestselling authors, experts, scholars, and business leaders and innovators are featured and interviewed in the 700 plus podcasts he has done over the last six years.

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