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Podcast Motivation: What Are You Hoping Will Happen?

av Pro Voice Guy Podcast | Publicerades 7/2/2019

Are you considering throwing in the towel on your podcast? Are you just starting a podcast and wondering if you will be able to push through enough episodes to really establish yourself?

I feel too many podcasters give up before they should. I could wow you with stats about how many episodes most podcasters last before giving up or abandoning their show. But, I am not interested in statistics. Instead, I am thinking about your show. You were excited when you started it, but sometimes you think it is time to move on. Maybe it is time. But, maybe it is not.

Special thanks to  Dave Thomas from the Walk the Talk Podcast for sharing with us what goes into creating his podcast. You can listen to his podcast at and follow him on Twitter @WalktheTalk18.

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