Episode 50: Desmond Ang on the effects of police violence

Desmond Ang talks about how police violence affects local students' academic achievement and well-being. "The Effects of Police Violence on Inner-City Students" by Desmond Ang. *** Probable Causation is part of Doleac Initiatives, a 501(c)(3) corporation. If you enjoy the show, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you for supporting our work! ***   OTHER RESEARCH WE DISCUSS IN THIS EPISODE: “Violence and Vigilance: The Acute Effects of Community Violent Crime on Sleep and Cortisol” by Jennifer A. Heissel, Patrick T. Sharkey, Gerard Torrats-Espinosa, Kathryn Grant, and Emma K. Adam. “The Acute Effect of Local Homicides on Children’s Cognitive Performance” by Patrick Sharkey. “High Stakes in the Classroom, High Stakes on the Street: The Effects of Community Violence on Students’ Standardized Test Performance” by Patrick Sharkey, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Ingrid Gould Ellen, and Johanna Lacoe. “The Effect of Local Violence on Children’s Attention and Impulse Control” by Patrick T. Sharkey, Nicole Tirado Strayer, Andrew V. Papachristos, and C. Cybele Raver. Kerner Commission, Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. “Police killings and their spillover effects on the mental health of black Americans: a population-based, quasi-experimental study” by Jacob Bor, Atheendar S. Venkataramani, David R. Williams, Alexander C. Tsai. “Police Violence and Citizen Crime Reporting in the Black Community” by Matthew Desmond, Andrew V. Papachristos, and David S. Kirk. “Police Shootings, Civic Unrest and Student Achievement: Evidence from Ferguson” by Seth Gershenson and Michael S. Hayes. “The Effect of Community Traumatic Events on Student Achievement: Evidence from the Beltway Sniper Attacks” by Seth Gershenson and Erdal Tekin. “Police Brutality and Public Perceptions of Racial Discrimination: A Tale of Two Beatings” by Lee Sigelman, Susan Welch, Timothy Bledsoe, and Michael Combs. “Police Repression and Protest Behavior: Evidence from Student Protests in Chile” by Felipe González and Mounu Prem. "Do Police Brutality Stories Reduce 911 Calls? Reassessing an Important Criminological Finding" by Michael Zoorob. "Civic Responses to Police Violence" by Desmond Ang and John Tebes.

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