Episode 58: Jennifer Doleac on DNA databases

Guest host Amanda Agan talks with Jennifer Doleac about how DNA databases affect crime and recidivism. “The Effects of DNA Databases on the Deterrence and Detection of Offenders” by Anne Sofie Tegner Anker, Jennifer L. Doleac, and Rasmus Landersø. *** Probable Causation is part of Doleac Initiatives, a 501(c)(3) corporation. If you enjoy the show, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you for supporting our work! *** OTHER RESEARCH WE DISCUSS IN THIS EPISODE: “The Effects of DNA Databases on Crime” by Jennifer L. Doleac. “The Effects of Surveillance Cameras on Crime: Evidence from the Stockholm Subway” by Mikael Priks. “The Deterrent Effect of Surveillance Cameras on Crime” by Santiago Gómez, Daniel Mejía, Santiago Tobón. “Crime is Terribly Revealing: Information Technology and Police Productivity” by Giovanni Mastrobuoni. Probable Causation Episode 57: Giovanni Mastrobuoni. “Encouraging Desistance from Crime” by Jennifer L. Doleac.

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