Episode 59: Kerri Raissian on domestic violence courts

Kerri Raissian talks about the effects of domestic violence courts. “Specialization in Criminal Courts: Decision Making, Recidivism, and Re-victimization in Domestic Violence Courts in Tennessee” by Aria Golestani, Emily Owens, and Kerri Raissian. *** Probable Causation is part of Doleac Initiatives, a 501(c)(3) corporation. If you enjoy the show, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you for supporting our work! *** OTHER RESEARCH WE DISCUSS IN THIS EPISODE: “Love, Hate and Murder: Commitment Devices in Violent Relationships” by Anna Aizer and Pedro Dal Bó. “Do Domestic Violence Courts Work? A Meta-Analytic Review Examining Treatment and Study Quality” by Leticia Gutierrez, Julie Blais, and Guy Bourgon. “The Impact of Specialized Prosecution on the Safety of Domestic Violence Victims” by Ashna Arora, Xander Beberman, Zubin Jelveh, and Ashley Motta. (Available upon request from the authors.) “Misdemeanor Prosecution” by Amanda Agan, Jennifer Doleac, and Anna Harvey. Probable Causation Episode 51: Amanda Agan and Anna Harvey. “Can Restorative Justice Conferencing Reduce Recidivism? Evidence From the Make-it-Right Program” by Yotam Shem-Tov, Steven Raphael, and Alissa Skog.

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