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Liberalism is a Plague

av Probably Cancelled Podcast | Publicerades 3/25/2021

Welcome to the first episode of the Probably Cancelled Podcast! A revolutionary feminist podcast where we seek to fill the voids left by mainstream liberal feminism. Today we will be talking about why liberal feminism is cancelled, why celebrities should be abolished, intersectional imperialism, and Beyoncé's sweatshops! Follow us to keep in the loop with future episodes! Show notes: Correction: Beyoncé's Ivy Park sweatshop is in Sri Lanka, not Bangladesh.

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Welcome to Probably Cancelled Podcast-- a revolutionary feminist podcast meant to fill the gaps where mainstream feminism leaves us hanging. We will be asking many questions you're not supposed to ask, and covering topics not usually touched by liberal media. We've cancelled ourselves so you don't have to! Follow our show for updates on future episodes!