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Sl*ts 4 Daddy Marx DOMINATE Liberalism

av Probably Cancelled Podcast | Publicerades 5/25/2021

In this episode we talk to 3 Marxist men about their experiences with pornography and how capitalist markets commodify our sexualities and relationships. Many thanks to Hassan, Mo, and Xiangyu for coming on to speak about such an important topic. Like and subscribe for updates on future episodes! Outro music: "Rumors and Slanders" by Xiangyu Revolutionary Left Radio episode: "Proletarian Feminism, Women's Liberation, and the Sex Trade"

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Welcome to Probably Cancelled Podcast-- a revolutionary feminist podcast meant to fill the gaps where mainstream feminism leaves us hanging. We will be asking many questions you're not supposed to ask, and covering topics not usually touched by liberal media. We've cancelled ourselves so you don't have to! Follow our show for updates on future episodes!