The TikTok App Is Being Banned?

Buy Me A Coffee: President Biden on Friday confirmed his support for a bill advancing through Congress that could result in a nationwide ban on the social media app TikTok. “If they pass it, I’ll sign it,” he told reporters at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland’s Prince George’s County. Cut through the 2024 election noise. Get The Campaign Moment newsletter. Biden’s words may provide a push for a bill that has gathered momentum quickly in Congress but still faces hurdles to passage. On Thursday, a House committee advanced the bill on a unanimous bipartisan vote, 50-0, after TikTok users flooded congressional offices with calls protesting the measure. -Washington Post Cashapp: Officialleahjude Come hang out: IG: @officialleahjude X: @ofcl_leahjude TikTok: @officialleahjude YouTube: @officialleahjude 🔥 Browse more Beats: Email: Affiliate Link Below Ever wanted to get your music on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music? Even as a beatmaker it's extra money in your pocket. I personally use and LOVE Distrokid, use my discount code: --- Support this podcast:

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