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29 : Jovencio De La Paz on inspiration, using a TC2, accessibility of complex weaving, and more

av Professional Weaver Podcast | Publicerades 12/6/2020

This week we are talking with Jovencio de la Paz from Oregon. Jovencio is an artist, writer, and educator. His work explores the intersection of textile processes such as weaving, dye, and stitchwork as they relate to broader concerns of language, histories of colonization, migrancy, ancient technology, and speculative futures. Interested in the ways transient or ephemeral experiences are embodied in material, de la Paz looks to how knowledge and experiences are transmitted through society in space and time, whether semiotically by language or haptically by made things. He is currently Assistant Professor and Curricular Head of Fibers at the University of Oregon. I am drawn to his work by the organic patterns that he creates using the TC-2 loom. The work is beautiful intricate and bold at the same time, drawing the viewer in for a closer examination. It is interesting to try and follow the pattern line through all of it’s evolutions through the cloth. We hope you enjoy our conversation as we talk about how he came to weaving, his inspiration, using a TC2 loom, the accessibility of complex weaving and more. Find Jovencio Online : Website | Instagram - - Sponsored by : Comfortcloth Weaving LLC Read full show notes and resources at : http://proweaverpod.com/episode-29 - - Sponsor the Podcast : Become A Sponsor Support the Podcast : Become A Patron (Shop on Amazon) Music by Rawhead The Wreckloose : https://rawheadthewreckloose.bandcamp.com/ Rawhead the Wreckloose's new album 'Cold Bill' : https://rawheadthewreckloose.bandcamp.com/album/cold-bill Intro music by Greenhouse

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