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The Value of Textiles (Audio Replay)

av Professional Weaver Podcast | Publicerades 1/10/2021

This week, we will be sharing the audio from the first round table, just incase you missed it. This was a great discussion about the value of textiles and we hope that you enjoy our discussion. Next week we will continue with the regular podcast. We have been talking to some great folks and we can’t wait to share them with you. We just needed one more week to get back on track. If you have any questions that come up from watching the demonstration comment on the post linked below or please feel free to send us an email at hello@proweaverpod.com. - - Watch the video : https://professionalweaversociety.org/podcast/bonus-3/ Sponsored by : Comfortcloth Weaving LLC - - Sponsor the Podcast : Become A Sponsor Support the Podcast : Become A Patron (Shop on Amazon) Outro Music by Rawhead the Wreckloose : https://rawheadthewreckloose.bandcamp.com Rawhead the Wreckloose's new album 'Cold Bill' : https://rawheadthewreckloose.bandcamp.com/album/cold-bill Intro Music by Guesthouse

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Through our interviews and discussions with weavers, manufacturers, show promoters, and patrons of the fiber arts we hope to build depth, transparency, and connection within the weaving community. We will also be taking your weaving questions to ask the experts.