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CCATP #649 – Dr. Helma van der Linden on Creating a Book with Open Source Software

av Programming By Stealth | Publicerades 8/7/2020

This week our guest is Dr. Helma van der Linden from the Netherlands here to talk about how she created the Taming the Terminal book using all Open Source software. On the NosillaCast I talked a lot about the book but I should probably give an explanation for the Chit Chat audience. Bart Busschots and I created the Taming the Terminal podcast and for this series on learning the macOS (and Linux) command line, Bart wrote a spectacular set of tutorial shownotes on his website at bartb.ie. I had a dream for many years to make Taming the Terminal into a book as a surprise for Bart, but my few attempts to do it failed spectacularly. Around Easter, I mentioned my dream to Helma and she said, “I bet I could do that!” I don’t expect anyone to learn from this discussion how to do what Helma did, but rather to learn what’s possible and how cool it was that Helma put these pieces together. Below are the rough shownotes we used for our discussion, included so that you would have the links to all of the tools she explained in the episode Downloads of the book can be found at podfeet.com/tttbook and the GitHub project for Taming the Terminal can be found at github.com/bartificer/taming-the-terminal. You can communicate with Helma through our Slack community at podfeet.com/slack where her handle is @Helma.

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