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PBS 101 of X - Introducing Version Control

av Programming By Stealth | Publicerades 9/13/2020

It's time to take on a new subject: version control. As Bart explains in this week's episode, version control allows you make changes in your code and roll the changes back. This gives us the freedom to experiment and if an idea doesn't pan out, get back to where we started. Bart explains some of the origins of version control, starting with client server systems and then tells us how peer-to-peer version control has become the standard from industry to open source. Bart explains how the version control system Git was created and how it proved itself worthy of becoming the standard. There's not a lot of heavy lifting in this episode but Bart promises that future episodes will be challenging as we get into how to actually use Git. If you like Bart's work, please support him by going to lets-talk.ie and becoming a Patron.

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