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PBS 102 of X – Introducing Git

av Programming By Stealth | Publicerades 9/27/2020

In our last Programming By Stealth we learned about the concept of version control, and the evolution from client/server version control to peer-to-peer version control and the creation of Git. In this installment we start learning the fundamental concepts of Git. We learn about the database, the working copy, and the index and understanding the difference is critical to effectively using Git. We also dig into the Git database and begin to learn the terminology inside it, which oddly uses normal English words but those words might not mean what you think they mean. We gain an understanding of why Git uses SHA1 hashes but not for encryption. We start to get into the power of Git as we learn about commits, staging, stashes, and tags. We didn't get to play with Git yet but the challenge is to install Git and if you want the extra credit, choose and download one ore more Git GUI clients.

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