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PBS 106 of X — Time Travel with Git

av Programming By Stealth | Publicerades 11/20/2020

As we continue to learn Git from the command line for version control, Bart teaches us some tricks to travel through time. First he shows us how to view more compact Git logs so we can just see a shortened hash and the first line of our commit message. Then he shows us how to pick out a single commit from the past and see what changed. Then he shows us how, with surgical precision, we can go back in time and get a single file or even just the changes from a specific commit and bring them forward in time. It sounds head bendy but I could immediately see the usefulness of going back in time and grabbing some code that was working well and bringing it forward. You can read Bart's tutorial shownotes at pbs.bartificer.net/...

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A collaborative project between Bart Busschots and Allison Sheridan to sneak up on real programming in small easy steps, using the allure of the web as the carrot to entice people forward.