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E71 The Humanity and Personal Reality of Project Management with Amireh Amirmazaheri

av Project Management Office Hours | Publicerades 1/20/2021

Imagine the impact to your life being born a girl in Iran during the height of the Iranian Revolution. Then as you reach school age the ravages of the Iran - Iraq war shake your very existence. These are the early stages of Amireh Amirmazaheri's journey. She shared her story with us and how it has impacted her life as a leader in the Project Management industry.As a first time mother in Australia forced by COVID to be confined at home with her daughter and husband, Amireh has had plenty of time to reflect on her early years. The home schooling, use of art and creativity and lessons learned from her parents in Iran.In addition to her past we also discussed her role in the PMO industry and her dream, a world without war. Amireh is the Chief Project Officer for the PMO Global Alliance, Organizer for the PMO Sydney meetup and Founder of PMO Solutions. Take the time to listen to our chat and hear about the humanity and personal reality of project management for Amireh.Thanks to our sponsor THE PMO SQUAD. Visit to learn about the Purpose Driven PMO and assist your PMO as you evolve in the new post-COVID business world.Check out all prior episodes and upcoming guests by visiting The PMO Leader global community site ( to get more amazing content from authors, bloggers and podcasters as well as find the Coaches and Trainers to help you advance your career.

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