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E72 Understanding Design Thinking with Bruce Gay

av Project Management Office Hours | Publicerades 2/9/2021

Are you familiar with Design Thinking? Are you utilizing Design Thinking to run your projects? In this episode we chat with Bruce Gay, Founder of Astrevo to understand the fundamentals and benefits of Design Thinking as well as touching on several other topics.Bruce is a leader in the PM Industry and is an active community builder. He is a PMI Volunteer with PMI Pittsburgh, leads a Healthcare PMO, teaches part time at Norwich University and started his own firm, Astrevo.In our discussion Bruce shares that Design Thinking allows groups of people to take time and look at their customers needs to deeply understand a problem and to start to brainstorm and down select solutions to solve those problems. The benefit to using Design Thinking is you get closer to your customer's needs and pain points to help you identify defects earlier in the process which is less expensive than defects found later in the process.We also hear Bruce's perspective on trends in the industry and a few of his favorite books he recently read. We also learn about Bruce's Project Management Insights monthly list of updates and insights within our industry. To subscribe to Bruce's Project Management Insights visit To learn more about Astrevo visit www.astrevo.comTo connect with Bruce on LinkedIn visit -​Thanks to our sponsor THE PMO SQUAD. Visit to learn to Empower People to Deliver Results and assist your PMO as you evolve in the new post-COVID business world.Check out all prior episodes and upcoming guests by visiting

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