Project SSA

Ep 6: Two Eagles, One Flew

av Project SSA | Publicerades 5/18/2018

Rob and Dan must find the grave of Milton Ochs and there is a message waiting for them which leads them to an abandoned, overgrown public park project.  

Om Podcasten

Two Tennessee men answered an anonymous Craigslist ad which initiated a summer of ghost hunting, secret missions, and an adventure through Chattanooga history. It was August of 2017 when Rob Alderman of Cleveland, TN showed his friend, Dan Buck a cryptic Craigslist ad that referenced one of their favorite podcasts. Buck insisted they respond and within ten minutes they had a response from a man who simply referred to himself as George. George claimed that he was seeking volunteers to do investigation into what he described as “secret, sinister activity” in Chattanooga. He called his investigation “Project SSA.”