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Episode 070 - Dr. Kristen Weiss and Buttercup the Oceanpup share how project commitment leads to impact

av Projects for Wildlife Podcast | Publicerades 6/2/2020

Dr. Kristin Weiss and Buttercup the Oceanpup. Dr. Kristen Weiss is currently Communications Coordinator for the Long Term Ecological Research network.

Previously, she was an early career fellow in Science Communication at the Center for Ocean Solutions, Stanford University, and before that a lecturer in the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Southern California where she taught courses focused on ecology, sustainability, and natural resource management.

Kristen received her PhD from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, where she studied marine governance using policy network analysis. Her goal is to continue communicating about significant environmental issues and contribute to better conservation and management strategies to protect our threatened ecosystems.

In her free time she enjoys adventures with her tiny dog Buttercup–on her stand-up paddle board, at the beach, or in the forest. And taking naps.

Kristen and I met at a 2 week fellowship sponsored by the Center for Ocean solutions six years ago, she had just recently adopted Buttercup a tiny yellow chihuahua that steals your heart away.

When I first met the duo, it was like they had been together forever, the little dog looked like she woke up in Kristens arms… I am excited to dive into the platforms Kristen created with Buttercup to get her dog involved for creating a better world, and much more!

IG: @buttercup.the.ocean.pup

IG: @drkbythebay

Twitter: @DrKbythebay

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