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Avoid Hustle and Burnout With the Hidden Money In Your Business

You have money buried in your business somewhere. It doesn’t require you to gain more followers, run more ads, or hustle further to get your hands on it, either. It just involves taking advantage of the lowest hanging fruit in your business. In the last episode of this series on putting an end to hustle culture, burnout, and entrepreneurial poverty, I reveal the third and final strategy to sustainably grow your business. I can’t wait for you to unlock this one! On this episode of Promote Yourself to CEO: 4:13 - I share a quick story and reveal the final secret to sustainable growth for your business.  7:50 - I expose the huge problem not being discussed in the business world right now. What could be the culprit? 9:35 - You need to nail these things to form the foundation for finding hidden money in your business. I see too many people ignore the last one. 14:24 - What simple offers can you provide your clients behind-the-scenes? I reveal one way to ensure your 1-on-1 clients fit perfectly for you. 18:47 - If you have past clients, what should you do next? Here are some other ways to discover hidden income opportunities.  22:52 - I sum up all of the main strategies I’ve highlighted in this episode series. Show Links   Profit Plan Workbook (LINK NEEDED) The CEO Collective Racheal on Instagram  

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If you're fed up with the non-stop solopreneur grind… I'm so glad you've found The Promote Yourself to CEO Show! Each week, join host Racheal Cook MBA for candid conversations about stepping into your role as CEO of your business, the hard lessons learned along the way, and practical, profitable strategies to grow a sustainable business without the hustle and burnout. Listen in to the latest show and connect with Racheal at or on Instagram @racheal.cook to continue the conversation!