Creating Your Own SA Niche- Philip Saunders on Peak Yurts & Building a Holiday Rental Portfolio

Philip Saunders is a property investor focusing on serviced accommodation and holiday lettings in the Peak District. However, he has taken this strategy down a unique path and specialised in the glamping model with his business- Peak Yurts. Having started with a second-hand yurt in a field, he has managed to expand to several units within a few years.   Today we dive into the ins & outs of his niche business model and discuss his journey on building a property portfolio of holiday lets.   We discuss:   How he fell into this unique glamping model. The important operating systems and processes to help run a successful SA business. The need for redundancies and fail-safes. How he is building a holiday rental portfolio. Lessons and challenges from his business and property investing journey. Enjoy   ***************   GET IN CONTACT.   Email-   Linkedin:

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