How I Became an Accidental Property Developer With a £7.7million 1st Project: Charlotte Edwards

Charlotte Edwards is an ‘accidental’ property developer, turning tragedy into triumph as she rebuilt a family development business in just 18 months, with no prior knowledge or experience, yet managed to deliver the most profitable year since the business began 30 years ago.   Charlotte’s story is both empowering and inspirational, more so as she has achieved all of this alongside being a single mum and during Covid. Furthermore, Charlotte has also set herself the task of building a property portfolio to be financially free in just 10 months with her "10 in 10 goal". (Which she is well underway to achieving).   Today we discuss:   Her story and how she overcame adversity. The lessons and challenges running a 25 unit housing scheme for your first project. Finding a strong reason "Why". Building a portfolio of 10 rental properties in 10 months. "Women on-site" and in property development-Is this a problem? Enjoy   ***************   GET IN CONTACT.   Email-   Linkedin:   Guests:      

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