Prophecy Blossoms

Prophecy Blossoms 12

av Prophecy Blossoms | Publicerades 8/18/2010

Prophecy Blossoms Chapter 12 The Waite Chalet  Jane travels through the night and arrives at the Waite Chalet. As she approaches the strangely familiar surroundings of David and James' home, she wonders what she will find there. Chapter Music: Knights of Darkness by Zero-Project

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Surviving her first year as a vampire, Jane prepares for what should be the happiest day of her life. But doubt and secret's trouble her. In an effort to protect Jane, David keeps her confined to Catharine's Palace and leaves her in the dark on his covert meetings. Feeling trapped and fearful of her new family's future, Jane ventures out on a quest to protect them and end the Prophecy once and for all. She finds that the world she knows is on the brink of war and that she may be the only one that can stop it. Along the way, she finds strength and resolve that she didn't think she was capable of and that there is more to the Prophecy than just the destruction of one man. The sequel to Prophecy Awakens.