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Is What You Love to Coach About Marketable?

av Prosperous Coach Podcast | Publicerades 12/10/2019

Even if you get validation that what you love to coach about works for free or low fee clients, how can you be sure it's actually marketable at prices that pay you well?

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Prosperous Coach Podcast is hosted by Rhonda Hess, international business coach and niche strategist. This bi-monthly show offers practical guidance and inspiration to emerging coaches who want to launch their own successful coaching business. Episodes will cover how to choose a profitable coaching niche, create authentic messaging, design magnetic coaching programs and other topics to help you get noticed by ideal clients who will pay well. The show will also delve into coaching tools, coaching client challenges, money mindset and moving beyond limiting beliefs. Rhonda has over 20 years of experience in coaching, marketing, curriculum development, copy writing and editing. Join the conversation at