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Infonomics with Doug Laney

av Minhaaj's Podcast | Publicerades 2/24/2021

Probably one of the richest conversations I have had from a business perspective on Data Science, Infonomics, AI and Psychology of Patterns. Here are some of the key takeaways: 1. The Wall Street Journal quoted Doug Laney saying ‘ Its flummoxing that companies have better accounting for their office furniture than their information assets’. 2. United and American Airline’s third party valuation based on collateral customer loyalty data is 3-4 times more than their actual market cap. 3. ‘Kushim’ from Yuval Noah Harari’s book 'Sapiens', the first known human being was an accountant, which tells a lot about the importance of information. 4. Future disruptive technologies according to Gartner are DNA storage, Quantum Computing and Carbon Nanotubes. 5. Doug’s been a competitive tennis player and is now exploring pickle ball. Join our slack for more: https://launchpass.com/psyda

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Minhaaj's Podcast are candid conversations with thought leaders in the field of AI, Data Science, and Psychology. The host Minhaaj Rehman is CEO of Psyda Solutions and a renowned social scientist. He is the author of the book 'Psychometrics in Recruitment' and two other books. Previous guests on the show are luminaries like Greg Gage, Senior TED Fellow and Neuroscientist/Inventor, Boris Konrad, Neuroscientist and World Memory Champion, Josh Starmer, CEO of StatQuest, Doug Laney, Ex-VP of Gartenr, Greg Coquillo, PM at Amazon and Linkedin Top Voice, Luis Serrano, Quantum Scientist and Youtuber.