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Quantitative Investing with Vivek Viswanathan

av Minhaaj's Podcast | Publicerades 4/2/2021

Vivek Viswanathan, is Global Head of Research at Rayliant Global Advisors founded by the brilliant, Jason Hsu (managed $145 Billion). Rayliant Quantamental China Equity ETF is a $22 Billion active portfolio employing a systematic approach to harvesting behavioral alpha by exploiting mispricings among Chinese stocks traded in markets around the world. We will be talking about Archegos, GameStop, Chinese Market and Algorithmic Trade, and much more. Don't miss this one! # Vivek 00:00 intro 00:47 Fundamentals of Stock Investment  05:16 Blind Optimism, FOMO and Psychology of Investment 09:30 Quant Investing, Fundamental and Technical Analysis and Returns 15:40  Sentiment Analysis, Seasonality, Mean Reversal and Trend Signals 20:21 Survivorship Bias, Different Types and Remedy 24:07 Python, Automation, Risk and Retail Investors 31:27 Tech Stocks, Stability and Long-term Returns 34:08 Daniel Kahneman, Psychological Biases and Behavioral Economics 35:22 Tech Fatigue, Eye Strain and Productivity 40:13 Work from Home, Corporate Taxes and Universal Basic Income 45:38 McCarthyism, Socialism and Communism 49:30 Ernest Chang, PhD in Finance to become Quant Investor 52:22 Necessity of a Ph.D, Social Credentialing, Education System and Misplaced Rewards 01:02:40 Coursera IPO, Self-Learning and On-Job Training 01:05:16  Chinese Stock Markets, 2015 Crash, Regulation and Corruption 01:16:57 Why invest in Chinese ETFs, Inefficient Markets and Diversification 01:24:06 Trade Wars between US and China, Alaska Summit, Semiconductor Shortage 01:28:20 Archegos, Theranos, Wirecard, Enron and Stock Market Scams 01:33:20 Nissan Scandal, Arthur Anderson, Big Four and Abetting the Scammers 01:38:30 Rayliant Global Advisors, Jason Hsu and Learning the Trade 01:41:10 Blackbox of Neural Networks, Expected Returns Signals and Explainability 01:44:45 Linear and Non-linear Patterns, Weighted Averages and Decomposition of Reasons 01:47:28 Books, Dhando Investor, Intelligent Investor and Medallion Fund 01:53:18 Work Related Stress, 100 hour week at JP Morgan, Gym and Diet 01:57:10 Protein Intake, Keto and Vegetarianism 02:02:02 Cardio, Glycogen and Oxygen Levels in Blood

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