Här borde du se en stor kampanj, scrolla ner för att komma till sajten
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Guest: LA King's Superfan Andy Lassner, Scott Hartnell co-hosts, hockey chirps, Lassner's top pranks, Dallas Stars coaching change.

av Puck Culture | Publicerades 12/11/2019

Jackie Redmond and Scott Hartnell banter about some of the funniest hockey chirps from this season, Scott breaks down what the key is to being a top NHL chirper and shares some stories of how he used to irritate teammates and opponents on the ice, he tells Jackie the special sauce needed to get under Sidney Crosby's skin (3:00). Andy Lassner hops on the line to talk about his love of hockey and the LA Kings, he reveals how he got so tight with some of the Kings players, why his moment with the Stanley Cup was memorable and his plan to get Chrissy Teigen to a Kings game. Find out who he enjoyed pranking the most on Ellen, and what the show had to do to step up their pranking game (13:49). Jackie and Scott wrap up the show wondering how the Dallas Stars will react to Jim Montgomery's departure and why this scenario is tough to swallow if you're a Stars player. 

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