#35 Daily Puck Drop

On today's Daily Puck Drop, Puck chats with Andres Gonzales from PGA Tour Live and Sirius XM, as they recap the Masters and what it means for Scottie Scheffler and his second green jacket. Puck also touches in on the Mariners and once again the struggling offense. Puck has seen enough of Seby Zavala and it will go down as the worst trade that Jerry Dipoto has pulled off. Time to pay attention to the NBA again, because we need OKC to be knocked off!  Lastly, Puck announces the three winners of the first Puck the Picker Masters Pool! TakeawaysScotty Scheffler's performance in the Masters was impressive, and he showed great composure and consistency throughout the tournament.The Seattle Mariners continue to struggle offensively, and their inability to score runs is a recurring issue.Puck expresses his dislike for the Oklahoma City Thunder and hopes they get eliminated early in the NBA playoffs.There are updates on college basketball player Miles Rice and the winners of the Masters Pool.Upcoming guests on the Daily Puck Drop podcast include Jim Duquette and Bill Krueger.Chapters00:00 Scotty Scheffler's Impressive Performance09:19 Puck's Dislike for the Oklahoma City Thunder13:41 Updates on College Basketball Player Miles Rice27:01 Upcoming Guests on the Daily Puck Drop Podcast

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