#33 Ryan Divish

Puck and Ryan Divish cover various topics, including their location, airport experiences, and the struggles of the Seattle Mariners' offense. They discuss the Mariners' poor offensive performance, particularly their struggles against off-speed pitches and two-strike counts. They also touch on individual players like Jorge Polanco and their slow starts to the season. Divish suggests that the team may be pressing and trying too hard to get hits, which is affecting their approach at the plate. They also briefly discuss the importance of setting realistic goals. The conversation covers various topics related to the Seattle Mariners, including the struggles of Kyle Seager, the team's offensive performance, concerns about the starting pitching, and the increase in arm injuries in baseball. The hosts also discuss the development of young players and the pressure to throw harder and increase spin rate. They touch on the incentives and ego involved in performance-enhancing drug use and the importance of player safety at all levels of the game.TakeawaysThe Seattle Mariners' offense has been struggling, particularly against off-speed pitches and in two-strike counts.The team may be pressing and trying too hard to get hits, which is affecting their approach at the plate.Individual players like Jorge Polanco have had slow starts to the season, but their performance is expected to improve over time.Setting realistic goals can help avoid setting oneself up for failure. Kyle Seager is struggling to find his timing and needs a breakthrough moment to regain confidence.The Mariners' offensive performance and starting pitching are areas of concern.The increase in arm injuries in baseball is attributed to the desire for maximum velocity and spin rate.Young players are incentivized to throw harder and train year-round, leading to increased pressure on their arms.Performance-enhancing drug use is driven by incentives and ego, but player safety should be prioritized.The excitement surrounding young players like Jarred Kelenic and Julio Rodriguez is palpable.Outline00:00 Divish doing the show from a reflection room 06:19 Struggles of the Seattle Mariners' Offense12:19 Slow Starts and Expectations for Individual Players23:20 Adjustments for Pitchers28:01 Incentives and Ego in Performance-Enhancing Drug Use36:58 Excitement Surrounding Young Mariners Players

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