Masticate + Masturbate!

Enter the aural portal to sexual freedom! Hear about the benefits of mastication and masturbation + learn about World Sexual Health Day on 9/4, and what Queen Layla will be doing live to celebrate in NYC. --- Support this podcast:

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Embrace Your Essence - Unleash Your Power. Punani Productions podcast transforms taboos surrounding sex, darkness and metamorphosis through inspirational personal stories. A place for you to find solace just by listening. Hosted by a professional dominatrix, language (Mandarin/ESL) + sex educator, performer + speaker - topics include sex, love, relationships, kink/BDSM/alternative lifestyles, LGBTQIA life, living with STIs, ending shame around sexuality, bodily autonomy, positive sexuality and pleasure. Use this portal to liberate yourself, awaken your aural senses and raise your vibration! Support this podcast: