Buying a Bar, Investing Internationally & Growing Lady Landlords FB Group with Becky Nova | Pursuing Greatness #10

LEARN -- Want to learn more about personal development and living your best life? Check us out https://www.pursuinggreatnesspodcast.comEnjoy the show? Share with your friends and subscribe to the channel for all our upcoming interviews and episodes on becoming successful, realizing your potential, and living your best live.************************************************************************EPISODE SYNOPSISIn this episode I interview Becky Nova. Becky is a real estate investor and founder of Lady Landlords networking group and has a ton of great stories and advice for those looking to get started in my personal favorite topic, real estate investing. Becky's energy is infectious and her story is relatable and inspiring, so strap in, grab your pen and paper and enjoy the show.CATEGORY: Business, Work, and Wealth ************************************************************************GET INVOLVED, CONNECTED & EDUCATEDLEARN -- Want to learn more about personal development and living your best life? Check us out https://www.pursuinggreatnesspodcast.comREAD -- Want book recommendations? Check out our list of the best books on personal development: https://www.gabepetersen.comWATCH -- Want to watch our YouTube channel? Click here: -- Want to listen to our wisdom Podcast? Go here: https://pursuinggreatness.buzzsprout.comLEARN -- Want to learn real estate investing? Check out our other podcast here or go to************************************************************************GUEST RECOMMENDED BOOKSStart With Why -************************************************************************ABOUT THE GUESTExperienced Clinical Research Professional with over 10 years of experience in the managing and overseeing all phases of Oncology trials. Managed staff for Study Start-up, Recruitment & Feasibility, Budget and Contract negotiations. Acted as lead in-house monitor and Project Manager for ARO. Becky is also an experienced real estate investor and founder of Lady Landlords Facebook Group. ************************************************************************ABOUT PURSUING GREATNESS THE YOUTUBE SHOW AND PODCAST Pursuing Greatness is an interview based podcast and YouTube show where professionals from all areas of life share their best advice, greatest stories, and favorite tips in the art of flourishing and living your best life. Join us as we delve into every aspect of personal development - from mastering your money, work and wealth, to perfecting your health and energy, to growing in love and relationships. Support the show

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