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Hello I’m Rowan Ellis And I’m Jazza John And we’re the hosts of the new monthly show “The Queer Movie Podcast” Every month we’ll be bringing you the best (and worst) of LGBTQ+ cinema, one genre at a time. We’re gay Like, real gay. And we love movies. But too often we’ve seen great queer cinema fall under the radar - and not get the love it deserves. Or we’ve discovered cult classics we wish more people could shout about with us. Or we’ve suffered truly awful LGBTQ+ films that demand a closer look. We’ll be covering all of these and more in the show. Here’s how it works: Each episode we’ll be discussing a film - we’ll be giving you our thoughts - bringing in political and social context, and talking themes, cinematography, soundtracks, casting, and more. How do we choose these films? Well, we’ll be deciding a new genre each month - everything from biopics to high school movies. And for each genre we’ll shortlist 4 movies to choose from - some classics, some lesser known - some we love and some we’ve never seen. Each episode you have the chance to vote on twitter for which film from that chosen genre you want us to discuss. The first episode, for example, is the so awful it’s brilliant genre of “Teen Trash” - we gave you a choice of 4 films in that genre, and you picked GBF. Upcoming genres include: comedies, musicals, documentaries - and, in a very special episode, porn. We’re launching in February 2019 - LGBT History Month in the UK- Definitely deliberate - with 3 full length episodes to sink your teeth into - followed by a Oscars 2019 special - and a new episode every month after that. Worth mentioning here the first 3 episodes were recorded last year and therefore will have some out of date references to things like the release of Love, Simon, Rowan’s guilty pleasure trip to Disney World, and Jazza’s obsession with the 2018 winner of Eurovision. Although look out for mini-episodes in between our main releases! If this all seems like your kind of thing - subscribe now to get new episodes direct to your chosen podcast app. And if you like what you hear please rate and review.

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The Queer Movie Podcast is a monthly show where we discuss the best (and worst) of LGBTQ+ cinema! Each month we pick a genre and four possible films - then you vote on our Twitter for the one you want us to cover on the show. The Queer Movie Podcast is hosted by Jazza John and Rowan Ellis.