The Anxiety Episode with Amanda Montalvo, RD

In the first part of the episode, Michelle talks about her personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks, explaining how to decode and respond to our internal anxiety in a neutralizing way. She also gives tangible tools to use during times of high anxiety/ panic and gives helpful insight into what is happening in the body during stress.She then sits down with Amanda Montalvo, RD (@hormonehealingrd) to discuss the physiology of anxiety and tangible steps we can take to de-stress. They discuss :Being addicted/ conditioned to stress and the rush of hormonesThe impact of stress and anxiety on the female body The body’s physiological response to stress, step-by-stepHow stress depletes our minerals, specific minerals that are affected and whyStress and blood pressure (Hint: It’s not just about sodium!)Benefits of hair mineral testingHPA Axis dysregulation, how to support your adrenal glandsHow THYROID is affected by stress, anxiety, and mineral deficiencies The ONE thing you can do today to help your body recover from stress Links:Get anxiety + panic attack support from a functional nutrition and naturopathic perspective with our 8 week online self-guided program “Anxiety Proof”Work with Amanda and her free resources: Follow Amanda on IG @HormonehealingRDAre You Menstrual? Podcast with Amanda Montalvo Master Your Minerals course Adrenal Cocktail RecipesWork with Michelle and her free resources: Quiet the DietEpisode Page (with Transcript)Work 1-on-1 with a functional Registered Dietitian at Michelle Shapiro Nutrition LLCLearn more about the practiceFollow the pod on IGFollow Michelle on IGTimestamps:(2:00) Michelle’s experience with panic attacks, anxiety symptoms as a results of drastic-weight loss(3:30) Michelle’s visual explanation of what anxiety does for us, how to use our anxiety as an opportunity to let us know what’s going on in our body. (6:00) What to do during a rush of anxiety or panic attack, hormones & anxiety from an evolutionary perspective (14:22) Amanda Montalvo (@hormonehealingrd) talks about being addicted to stress & the rush of stress hormones on a daily basis (20:54) The impact of stress and anxiety on women’s bodies in particular(25:21) Amanda walks through the body’s physiological response to stress, step-by-step(31:11) How stress depletes our minerals, specific minerals that are affected and why(36:21) Stress and blood pressure (Hint: It’s not just about sodium!)  (46:45) Benefits of hair mineral testing(49:05) HPA Axis dysregulation, how to support your adrenal glands, adrenal cocktails 

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Welcome to "Quiet the Diet", the podcast, hosted by Michelle Shapiro, Integrative/Functional Registered Dietitian from NYC. Michelle has supported over 1000 clients to reverse anxiety, approach their weight with love, and heal digestive issues. Utilizing humor, nuance, and compassion, Michelle helps clients access their own liberating self-awareness.On the podcast, Michelle shares her own journey of losing weight the wrong way (and what the consequences of that drastic 100 pound weight loss were), and how she learned to prioritize whole-body health as a result (instead of restrictive diets.)The goal of “Quiet the Diet” is to empower listeners to make health decisions autonomously, every single time they eat. The podcast will arm the listener with the education and support needed to make health decisions based on their own terms. The podcast is a guide to mastering one’s health by listening to one’s self. On "Quiet the Diet," Michelle is not afraid to have hard conversations and tackle difficult topics if it means helping her listeners. She will bring on innovative guests from the healthcare space to shed unique light on important topics. From functional nutrition to the latest research in integrative medicine, Michelle covers it all with her signature nuance and compassion.Whether you're looking to improve your health and well-being or just want to learn more about functional medicine and body neutrality, "Quiet the Diet" has something for everyone. Tune in and join Michelle on her journey to help people quiet the noise of fad diets and focus on nourishing their bodies and minds.