The Fat Episode (Cholesterol & Omega 6 fats) with J. Gulinello, MS, CNSc, FNTP

In this episode, Michelle settles the controversy of cholesterol, saturated fat, and omega-6/seed oils with J Gulinello, nutritional therapist and researcher. They get deep into the history of the cholesterol-heart myth and all players involved. You’ll learn why serum cholesterol (measured in bloodwork) is not necessarily correlated with disease, and which factors are a better indicator of risk. They discuss:History of the cholesterol-heart disease theory and why it’s perpetuated in the medical communityBlood cholesterol levels: Why they may not be the key marker of disease risk (and what to look at instead) Reasons we should not fear red meat and saturated fat from animal sourcesMitochondrial dysfunctionAll about seed oils and omega-6 fats: What they are and why we should minimize them in the dietTips for how to choose healthier fats in your diet Subscribe to get your weekly dose of NYC-style-sarcasm, nutritional nuance and messages of healing.Links –Picture: Omega 6 vs. Omega 3 PathwaysAmerican Heart Journal 2009 (doi: 10.1016/j.ahj.2008.08.010)Graph: LDL levels and heart events CETP Inhibitors 2017 NEJM (doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1609581)Blog: The Truth About CholesterolBlog: 5 Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally (when necessary)J’s resources and more: perpetualhealth.coFollow J on IGFollow J on Substack (articles) Ancestral Wellness RetreatWork with Michelle and her free resources: Quiet the DietPodcast PageEpisode Page (with transcript!) Work 1-on-1 with a functional Registered Dietitian at Michelle Shapiro Nutrition LLCLearn more about the practiceFollow the pod on IGFollow Michelle on IGSign up for the NewsletterTimestamps:(2:40) Intro & how J transitioned into nutrition after a music career (6:29) Background of cholesterol and why dietary intake is not the determining factor of serum levels (9:18) The cholesterol “soap opera”: A detailed timeline of the diet-heart myth (15:25) - Why serum cholesterol (blood work) is not necessarily correlated with heart disease

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